Preparing for your study programme - University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons

Preparation for degree programmes


University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons students have different educational backgrounds. Some have completed an apprenticeship and acquired a vocational business diploma, while others hold a high school diploma or have a qualification from a PET college. Take advantage of the opportunity to attend a preparatory course or undertake self-study to freshen up on certain knowledge to ensure that you are equipped for your study programme.

Preparation for the bachelor's degree programmes Tourism and Service Design

Proficiency in mathematics

You should be proficient in terms, equations and functions, as these form the basis of the mathematics taught during the assessment year. This mathematics test will help you to assess whether your proficiency in mathematics is sufficient for this programme.

Knowledge of accounting

Basic skills of double entry accounting are required and will be tested at the beginning of the programme. Therefore, we recommend an accounting course prior to the studies or to acquire the knowledge in self-study.