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New Business Development
Further education at a glance

Further education at a glance

The development of new business areas and the promotion of innovation are top priorities for companies wishing to tap into new growth options. In the dynamic environment in which we find ourselves, successful companies are therefore increasingly relying on agile innovation methods and new business models. They are also seeking contact with innovative startups. Companies can make targeted use of the potential offered by promising start-ups via business incubators, business accelerators, corporate ventures or strategic partnerships.

In this EMBA, you will look at agile innovation methods, new business models as well as financing models for new business projects. You will gain an insight into the Swiss start-up scene and corporate venture programmes. You will also acquire methodological expertise that will allow you to set up a corporate venture unit for your own business environment and embed it in an innovative ecosystem.

You will thus be in a position to get to know start-ups and generate decisive impulses for growth options. You will possess the latest methods and levers that will allow you to define and implement an optimal national or international business development strategy for your organisation.

Target group

Target group

The Executive MBA (EMBA) in New Business Development is geared towards entrepreneurial management personnel who want to tap into new growth options for their organisation. It is aimed at management personnel who want to win new markets and customer groups, seek out innovative approaches and solutions for products, services, processes, procedures or business models and implement these approaches. Irrespective of the status and maturity of the digital transformation at your company, you will be offered a broad portfolio of current methods that will allow you to identify sources of growth and exploit them for your company.

The EMBA in New Business Development is especially recommended for you if you work in the following professional fields and functions:

  • Executive board members
  • Business development and innovation
  • Product management
  • Marketing and distribution
  • Export or regional managers
  • Profit centre management
  • Advisors in the area of new business development and innovation
Study contents

Study contents

The Executive MBA in New Business Development comprises six modules, an intensive week and the master's thesis.


Module overview in PDF

EMBA New Business Development Study Content

Intensive week

A fixed component of the EMBA in New Business Development is an intensive week in Berlin. The ‘Business transformation – new business models’ module is addressed during this week. Company visits and guest lectures based on best practice examples in the areas of business model innovation, digital innovation and corporate ventures are a key part of the intensive week.

Learning from the start-up scene

Company visits and guest lecturers from selected innovation start-ups and corporate ventures in Switzerland are also a fixed component of the EMBA. You will get to know the players, technologies and business models of start-ups as well as corporate venture projects and will gain valuable impulses for your strategies in the areas of new business and innovation.


Silicon Valley study trip

You will also have the opportunity to participate in a one-week study trip to Silicon Valley, the Mecca of innovation. The costs for the study trip amount to around CHF 5,000.


Axes for successful new business development


In order to ensure that the study programme contents are as close to the cutting edge of developments as possible, the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons works together closely with associations, institutions and companies. The following strategic partnerships are in place:

Study concept

Study concept

The study concept behind University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons’s further education offering in the area of management comprises three levels: DAS, MAS and EMBA. The study contents are divided into modules at each level. Each module includes between four and ten face-to-face training days plus self-study. Upon the conclusion of the module, participants are required to demonstrate their competence in the respective area, usually in the form of a written exam. At the third level (Executive MBA), students can choose between the following four majors: General Management, Smart and Digital Marketing, New Business Development and Digital Transformation.


Organisational issues

Organisational issues

The EMBA in New Business Development is a job-concurrent study programme. The organisational structure takes into account that you will be employed on a full-time basis during the study programme.

Admission requirements

The admission requirements are a university degree or federal higher education qualification as well as five years of professional experience, including at least two years with leadership experience. Admission by dossier is possible where appropriate. Decisions on admissions are made by the Director of Studies on the basis of the admission dossier and a personal admission interview.

The EMBA is aimed at students who already have in-depth management knowledge and who have either completed the second level (MAS) in advance or possess an appropriate level of knowledge and expertise thanks to their educational background and/or the business experience they have gained. Direct access to EMBA level is thus possible. The Executive MBA in New Business Development is concluded with a master's thesis.

Definitive admission is confirmed in writing by the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons. The admission deadline is 10 August in the year in which the study programme is to be commenced. It is recommended to apply in good time.

Tuition fees

  • Executive MBA in New Business Development: CHF 17,500
  • Master's thesis supervision: CHF 3,000

We grant a discount of CHF 3,000 to students who attend the MAS and EMBA levels in direct succession. The tuition fees cover the teaching and books. Documents from lecturers are made available in electronic form. The tuition fees do not include travel costs, accommodation and catering as part of the intensive week in Berlin (approx.. CHF 1.500) and the costs for the optional study trip to Silicon Valley (approx. CHF 5,000).

Place of study

Zurich, Limmatstrasse 21, in the direct vicinity of the main station.

Duration of study programme

The Executive MBA in New Business Development comprises 15 teaching blocks (Friday and Saturday) as well as an intensive week.

The exact teaching blocks are defined as part of the timetable. The study programme begins in September, with the classroom teaching ending in July of the following year. The submission deadline for the master's thesis is 31 October. The timetables can be ordered via e-mail from the student administration or can alternatively be accessed on the website. The organisational structure of the management further training programme takes into account that you will be employed on a full-time basis during the study programme.

Teaching language

In most modules, both teaching and the relevant documents are provided in German. Individual teaching blocks or lectures may be held in English. In some cases, the literature and documents provided by lecturers may also be in English. Those wishing to participate in the study trip to Silicon Valley require a solid knowledge of English.


Course assessments

Course assessments are carried out in each of the modules. These generally comprise written examinations, presentations on case studies and example cases or follow-up orders. You will develop case studies as part of student teams. The examinations are in some cases carried out as online examinations.


Those who successfully pass the study programme are awarded the title of Executive Master of Business Administration FHGR in New Business Development.


Application and advice

Application and advice


Please send the completed placement form (in german) together with your CV and diplomas to: management-weiterbildung@fhgr.ch Your documents will be examined by the Director of Studies who will then contact you in order to arrange a personal meeting. Following the admission interview, the Director of Studies will confirm the admission decision in writing and the application process can be completed using the application form (in german).

Advisory service

Do you have any questions regarding content or administrative matters? Would you like course guidance? We will be happy to help you.

Director of Studies

Director of studies, Lecturer


Organisational assistant