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Successfully master the digital transformation
Further education at a glance

Further education at a glance

The correct handling of the digital transformation will be crucial for the survival of many companies. Medium-sized companies, in particular, are looking for solutions that will allow them to prevail in future in the digital world. Their boards of directors (BoDs) and executive boards (EBs) are called on to safeguard and expand their existing business. At the same time, new digital business strategies and business models need to be developed and implemented.

In the seminar 'Successfully master the digital transformation', the following issues are addressed for EBs and BoDs:

  • Which digital trends are decisive?
  • Which opportunities are emerging from the digitalisation of the value chain?
  • Which digital strategies and business models are promising for medium-sized companies?
  • What impact does digitalisation have on the management of a company?
  • How are the roles of EBs and BoDs changing in the digital age?
  • What can be learnt from start-ups and where are the limits with respect to transferability to established companies?
  • Degree

    Certificate of the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons
  • Duration of study programme

    8 days
  • Place of study

    Zurich and Berlin
  • Begin of study programme

    20. August 2020
  • Director of Studies

    Bader Günter More about Bader Günter