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Mosedale Jan

Kartenansicht Standort H an der Comercialstrasse 19 in 7000 Chur.

Prof. PhD, M. Research Methods, M. Environmental Studies, BSc (Hon) Applied Biology

Department Alpine Region Development, Institute for Tourism and Leisure (ITF)
Lecturer, Project Manager, Head of research ITF
+41 81 286 39 01
Riesen-Sanabria Natalie
digital transformation in tourism, online distribution, robotics, Tourism 4.0, nature-based health tourism

Dr Jan Mosedale has been employed at the University of Applied Sciences University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons since 2013 as Director of Studies for the Master of Science in Business Administration with Major Tourism and as senior researcher. In addition, Jan is also on the Management Board of Prättigau Tourismus, a regional tourism organisation. Because of these functions, he is at the interface between tourism research, education and practice.

In applied research and consultancy, Jan focuses on contemporary issues critical to tourism: scenario planning, transformation and innovation management. In the context of these topics, he uses various methods for generating, discussing and selecting ideas, values, strategies etc. in large group settings and combines them to customized workshops.

By creating organisation-specific scenarios, Jan supports organizations in exploring future opportunities and risks and in developing appropriate strategies. Currently, he is analysing how tourism companies deal with the future, to raise the awareness of tourist service providers on the need for long-term strategies.

Creative innovation processes form the basis for developing new ideas, process and product development and are crucial for innovation management. Jan uses the modern infrastructure of the service innovation lab at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons to respond to individual needs leading to the simulation of processes. Paired with classic innovation management and creativity techniques, innovations can thus be encouraged, developed and tested. Currently, Jan is using creative workshops with stakeholders and students to create ideas and concepts for the conversion of a property linked to a regional tourism strategy.

In order to compete in a dynamic environment, tourism companies must be capable of change, must apply transformation processes and may need to strategically customize their business activities based on future trends. Jan is currently developing a method in cooperation with Hotellerie Suisse, to analyse the digital capabilities in the hospitality industry in order to identify weaknesses and therefore to support the hotel industry in its digital transformation.

Jan is also heavily involved in teaching these three topics (scenario planning, transformation and innovation management) in the Master of Business Administration with Major Tourism.

Kartenansicht Standort H an der Comercialstrasse 19 in 7000 Chur.

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