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Petrus Ana

Kartenansicht Standort B an der Ringstrasse 34 in 7000 Chur.

Dr. sc. ETH

Departement Applied Future Technologies, Swiss Institute for Information Science (SII)
+41 81 286 36 39

Ana Petrus was appointed as associate professor in data management at the UAS Graubünden in March 2021.
Prior to that she worked as an independent consultant for data management and sustainability. Previously she held an appointment as consultant and lecturer for research data management at the ETH Library of the ETH Zurich for nearly five years. At the ETH Library, she was instrumental in developing best practices and guidance on data management plans as part of the swissuniversities national project DLCM (Data Life-Cycle Management). She also taught and advised researchers and students on topics along the entire data life cycle (data management plans, FAIR, open data, long-term archiving, etc.). Furthermore, she was involved in setting up the ETH Research Data Management Summer School.
Before switching to information science, she worked for many years in climate research and academic teaching. After studying environmental sciences at ETH Zurich, she completed her doctorate in the field of atmospheric physics there. Afterwards she worked on international projects at the Climatology Group of the University of Bern, the Center for Climate Systems Modeling at ETH Zurich, and the Terrestrial Systems Ecology Group at ETH Zurich. The main topics were climate modelling, systems analysis, and the management of environmental data. At the same time, she continued her education in the areas of higher education and project management.

Kartenansicht Standort B an der Ringstrasse 34 in 7000 Chur.

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