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Ruschetti Paul

Kartenansicht Standort H an der Comercialstrasse 19 in 7000 Chur.

Lic. phil. Sociology

Department Alpine Region Development, Institute for Tourism and Leisure (ITF)
+41 81 286 39 39
bachelorstudy Tourism

Paul Ruschetti studied sociology and empirical research methods at the University of Zurich and the University of Calgary. Since early 2009 he has been lecturer on scientific methodology and empirical social research at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons and research project leader at the ITF. His work at the ITF is focussed on survey and questionnaire methods in the fields of touristic consumer research.

He started his activities in university teaching as Head Assistant and Lecturer for social science methodology at the ETH Zurich. As head of the research department for sports sociology he was at the same time also responsible for the launch and leadership of research projects. These focussed on analysis of new consumer trends in sport and the segmentation of sport offers that this involves. The effects of this development on design and marketing of sport events were taken as his seminar topics in the next activity as lecturer at the Institute for Sport Science (Institut für Sportwissenschaft) at Tübingen University in Germany.

With a change to head of the research and marketing communication department of the world's international football association (FIFA) in Zurich, Paul Ruschetti transferred to research in private industry. This function included leading the global FIFA market research programme while creating the concept for its content and methodology. It also involved the creation and management of data bases to adequately implement the research results in publications, reports and presentations for the support of sponsorship acquisitions. Overall, Paul Ruschetti was active for the FIFA during five world football championships.

An initial focus point of Paul Ruschetti's professional career was however, journalism. While still studying he worked as editor of the sport and tourism desks of the major Swiss newspaper Neuen Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ). He worked for NZZ for a total of 13 years and closed as full-time correspondent for the Italian-speaking regions of Switzerland and North Italy, based in Lugano (Canton Ticino, Switzerland).

Paul Ruschetti grew up in Chur and lives today with his family in nearby Malans.

Kartenansicht Standort H an der Comercialstrasse 19 in 7000 Chur.

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