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Schircks Rosa Maria

Prorectorate, Section foreign language
+41 79 394 36 92

To give lessons? Each lecturer knows it: it is a passion… and a great gift. And why not teaching exactly what I know best, that is my mother tongue?

This so called «love affair» began in San Salvador, the city where I was born and where I grew up within a large family. During our school breaks my brothers and sisters and I used to give our school books to children coming from lower income families and taught them school subjects while doing so…. And I really loved to teach them and to play the role of «the teacher»…

I finished high school in 1985, but I was too young and not mature enough to know for certain what to do with my life… so I decided to travel. A year later I met the father of my children… it happened in a language school in Bath, England… and after that there was no way back home for me…the magic of the Swiss Alps took my breath away.

«Tourism, Business Administration, Architecture»… these are the actual strengths of our economy in Graubünden, and some of the choices I had then as possible careers for my life… So far so good, my heart though told me otherwise… I just felt it and knew it: I wanted to teach. And so I did: During my Philology Studies in Spanish and English at Basel University I began to teach my mother tongue in 1989 in different language schools around Switzerland after a few years of lecturing break… and some time during this «teaching-love experience» I came across people who later on gave me the opportunity to support my dearest colleague Rosita Hunger by lecturing Spanish at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons from December 2001 onwards and haven’t taken a break again ever since.

And the irony of this story is that today, after almost 20 years in this country, and as a proud mother of two girls, who are very good at languages, I have not only the chance to share the gift of teaching Spanish to young students in Tourism, Business Administration and Information Sciences, but also to reach the goal of obtaining an international certificate in Spanish from Instituto Cervantes in Madrid, Spain.

All for the sake of …«el amor a mi lengua» (a love affair with my mother tongue)