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Research field
Image Processing


Innovative sensor and camera technologies such as time-of-flight (TOF) technology combined with intelligent image processing are replacing existing sensors in the fields of industry and medicine or allowing for new automation solutions.

In the research field of Image Processing, image processing algorithms are developed for classic 2D systems as well as 3D systems and optimised for specific application scenarios. For example, 3D cameras and 3D image-processing allow for applications in the areas of object/people tracking and counting.

The increasing miniaturisation and falling costs of optical sensor and camera systems as well as progress in the field of Image Processing is opening up numerous new fields of application:

  • industry (e.g. for access controls and door monitoring, CEDES AG)
  • security (e.g. in the area of light barriers, Rockwell Automation Safety AG)
  • medicine (e.g. in the field of laboratory automation, Hamilton AG, Bonaduz)
Specialist knowledge

Specialist knowledge


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Merbold Hannes
Prof. Dr. phil.-nat, Dipl. Physiker