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Like many other areas, education is also undergoing considerable change during the course of the digital transformation. New technologies are supporting both teaching and learning and at the same time offer enormous potential due to the data generated through their use. On the other hand, the need for the prudent and responsible use of data is rising steadily with the increasing amount of available data. This area of tension is giving rise to various challenges that are addressed by the research field of Education Informatics.

Education Informatics deals with all issues that can be found at the interface between education and IT. As well as the acquisition of digital expertise and digital learning, this also involves the technology-assisted recording and processing of educational data.

By processing data from a variety of approaches, we attempt to gain insights into education and learning as well as into the educational system. For example, we investigate how skills can be recorded and evaluated on the basis of technology. Using the findings gleaned in this way, we develop technologies that can support further skill development. Although we deliberately define the concept of skills broadly, our research also focuses specifically on digital skills.

Specific examples of issues in the research field of educational informatics include:

  • Cycle of the technology-based recording, evaluation and promotion of skills
  • Information science in the area of education
  • Digital skills
  • Modern learning
  • Needs analyses in the area of digital education
  • Digital learning over the entire life span


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