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Media Use in the Convergent Media Landscape


How is usage behaviour changing in the convergent media landscape?

Digitalisation has led to the development and dissemination of a wide range of mobile end devices (tablets, smartphones) and new media applications (especially online media). Users now have a media offering at their disposal that is detached from time and place constraints and can be used on a mobile basis. Wide-ranging interaction possibilities are leading to a change in the media users themselves, who rather than acting as passive consumers as in the past are now also assuming the role of media producers (e.g. in social networks such as Facebook).

This process isn’t linear, however: the way in which we use media is also being affected by the media offering and structural factors. Significant aspects here include demographic factors (such as age, gender, education level and income) as well as business and media policy decisions. The research team takes account of these relationships: on the basis of social-scientific methods, the team conducts empirical research on

  • usage behaviour, taking account of financial, temporal, regional, functional and media-based aspects,
  • the media offerings (media contents) available to users and
  • changes in the media landscape as a structural condition of media use.


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