Distinguished Speaker Series (DSS) - FH Graubünden

Distinguished Speaker Series (DSS)
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Auf einen Blick

The most unconventional, innovative and lateral thinking guest speakers from the tourism sector

The Distinguished Speaker Series (DSS) comprises a number of guest presentations held by prominent figures from the world of tourism. The events are public and participation is free of charge.


Nächste Veranstaltungsdaten 2020

Nächste Veranstaltungsdaten 2020

1.10.2020 - Disruption in the economy: opportunity for our planet?

Reto Ringger, CEO and Founder Globalance Bank

22.10.2020 - Digital analytics in the predictive era

Clemente Cortile, Data Scientist at Webrepublic

05.11.2020 - SMART Cooking

Daniel Dittrich, Chef de Cuisine LSG Sky Chefs Schweiz AG

19.11.2020 - Ski and Snowboard road to the Olympics

Benno Nager, Principal Owner Alpine Resort Consulting

03.12.2020 - Tackle food waste in the hospitality industry – the solution called KITRO

Naomi Mackenzie, Co-Founder KITRO



Hörburger Norbert
Prof. Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH), MBA in Finanzdienstleistungen, MRICS