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3D surface measurement
At a glance

At a glance

Using optical strip light projection, the surface of any component can be recorded three-dimensionally in a contactless and highly precise manner.



Contactless and highly precise 3D measurements in XYZ direction in a matter of seconds, for example for plastic parts, milled parts, prototyping, etc. Comparison of several injection moulding activities, initial parts evaluation and many other possibilities on request.

  • Comparison of various construction parts
  • Comparison with the CAD
  • Creation of CAD data
  • High level of measurement accuracy and repeatability in the micrometre range
  • Measurement of the entire surface area rather than individual points
  • Analysis of the measured objects
  • Measurement objects up to a max. of 200 x 100 mm can be measured
  • Angle measurements
  • Analysis of reject parts
  • Restrictions for transparent materials
  • Measurement report available on request


Keyence VR 3200 digital macroscope incl.


  • Controller
  • Viewer software
  • Analyser software
  • Stitching module
  • 3D CAD module
  • VR comparative module


Lecturer, Research project leader
Further information

Further information


The laboratory for 3D surface measurements is assigned to the Institute for Photonics and Robotics (IPR).