3D surface measurement
At a glance

At a glance

Using optical strip light projection, the surface of any component can be recorded three-dimensionally in a contactless and highly precise manner.



Contactless and highly precise 3D measurements in XYZ direction in a matter of seconds, for example for plastic parts, milled parts, prototyping, etc. Comparison of several injection moulding activities, initial parts evaluation and many other possibilities on request.

  • Comparison of various construction parts
  • Comparison with the CAD
  • Creation of CAD data
  • High level of measurement accuracy and repeatability in the micrometre range
  • Measurement of the entire surface area rather than individual points
  • Analysis of the measured objects
  • Measurement objects up to a max. of 200 x 100 mm can be measured
  • Angle measurements
  • Analysis of reject parts
  • Restrictions for transparent materials
  • Measurement report available on request


Keyence VR 3200 digital macroscope incl.


  • Controller
  • Viewer software
  • Analyser software
  • Stitching module
  • 3D CAD module
  • VR comparative module
Nahaufnahme eines Oberflächenmessgerätes
3D Oberflächenmessung
3D surface measurement with strip light projection


Lecturer, Research project leader
Further information

Further information


The laboratory for 3D surface measurements is assigned to the Institute for Photonics and Robotics (IPR).