Bachelor's degree
Civil Engineering
Degree programme at a glance

Degree programme at a glance

The structures devised, sketched out, planned, created and finally operated in connection with construction, civil engineering, transport and hydraulic engineering projects will tend to reflect the changing values and expectations of a given culture. With their forward-looking solutions, civil engineers facilitate, protect and simplify many aspects our everyday lives. Our Civil Engineering bachelor’s degree programme will provide you with the practical experience and technical expertise you need for this challenging role.

  • Degree

    Bachelor of Science FHGR in Civil Engineering
  • Study model

    Full-time or part-time studies
  • Duration of study programme

    3 years full-time
    4 years part-time
  • Place of study

  • Begin of study programme

  • Teaching language

  • Director of Studies

    Pérez Plácido More about Pérez Plácido