University Council, University Executive Board, employees - University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons

University Council, University Executive Board, employees
University Council

University Council

The University Council is the strategic management and control body of University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons and comprises seven members. The President, Jürg Kessler, participates in the University Council meetings as a guest.


  • Brigitta M. Gadient, President of the University Council
  • Enrico Lardelli
  • Andrea Masüger
  • Hermann Mettler
  • Achim Ott
  • Rita Stöckli
  • Martin Vincenz
Portrait Brigitta M. Gadient
'As an independent university of applied sciences, University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons is...
'As an independent university of applied sciences, University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons is able to convert the needs of students, the economy, administrative bodies and thus society into innovative study programmes more quickly.'
Brigitta M. Gadient, President of the University Council
University Executive Board

University Executive Board


  • Jürg Kessler, Prof. dipl. Ing. ETH, lic. oec.publ., President
  • Martin Studer, Prof. dipl. IT-Ing. ETH, Prorector
  • Arno Arpagaus, Industrial Engineer FH, EMBA, Director of Administration
  • Bruno Studer, Prof. Dr. phil. II, Dipl. El.-Ing. ETH, NDS BWI, Director of Department Applied Future Technologies
  • Josef Walker, Prof. lic. rer. pol. et dipl. chem., Director of Department Entrepreneurial Management
  • Ulrike Zika, Prof. Dr. sc. nat., Director of Departement Alpine Region Development
Alle Hochschulleitungsmitglieder der FH Graubünden
From left to right: Martin Studer, Bruno Studer, Josef Walker, Ulrike Zika, Jürg Kessler, Arno Arpagaus


We are stronger together! This is true both in our day-to-day working environment and in our endeavours to achieve our goals. We can only fulfil our vision with satisfied, targeted and independent employees who show each other mutual respect. Team spirit is therefore at the heart of the activities we perform in fulfilling our fourfold performance mandate and is developed continuously.


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Fetz Ursin
Prof., Dr. iur. Rechtsanwalt
Studer Bruno
Prof., Dr., Dipl. El.-Ing. ETH, NDS BWI ETH
Walker Josef
Prof., lic. rer. pol. et dipl. chem.
Borer Thomas
Prof., Dipl. Phys. ETH
Giger Christian
dipl. Ing. FH / Executive Master of Business Administration FHO
Heusser Urs
Informatik-Techniker HF / Betriebswirtschaftsingenieur NDS FH
Nikitin Ivan
Prof., Dr. Phil., M.A. Sust.Educ., M.Sc. Umweltschutz, MBA
Zinder Katrin
Buchhalterin mit eidg. FA
Walser Daniel A.
Prof., Dipl. Architekt ETH / SIA
Bottoni Fulvio
Prof., Betriebsökonom FH, dipl. Buchhalter/Controller
Jenni Urs
Prof., MBA, Dipl. Ing. FH
Carlino Cristina
dipl. Informations- und Dokumentationsspezialistin FH
Kessler Jürg
Prof., dipl. Ing. ETH, lic. oec. publ., President
Macek Ivo
Prof. MSc, eidg. dipl. Informations- und Dokumentationsspezialist FH
Schocher Jon Andrea
Prof., dipl. Betriebsökonom FH, MSc Sport Management
Meier Martin
Informatiker mit eidg. Diplom
Vieli-Marth Vera
Personalfachfrau mit eidg. FA
Studer Martin
Prof., Dipl. Informatik-Ingenieur ETH
Casanova Rita
Personalfachfrau mit eidg. FA
Benz Christoph
Prof., Dr. phil. dipl. Kaufmann. dipl.-Ing. BA
Jesenak Edith
Prof., dipl. SW El.-Ing., dipl. BW-Ing., MBA
Dieth Eric
Dr. iur. et lic. phil.
Aschwanden Michael
dipl. Informations- und Dokumentationsspezialist FH
Hauser-Ehninger Ulrich
Prof. Dr., MSc in Electronic Engineering
Arpagaus Arno
dipl. Wirtschaftsing. FH, EMBA, Verwaltungsdirektor
Bühler Krebs Sandra
dipl. Ing. Architektur und Stadtplanung
Köppel Roland
Prof., MAS in Multimedia Production and Journalism
Eggert Karin
Prof., Dr. rer. pol. Dipl.-Kfm.
Müller Robert
Dipl. Betriebsökonom HWV, Dipl. Organisator
Hess Tanja
Prof., Dipl. in Gestaltung und Kunst HGK (ZHdK)
Bau Frank
Prof., Dr. rer. pol., Dipl.-Kfm.
Tall Mario
Hauswart mit eidg. FA
Albertin Nicole
Master of Science FHO in Business Administration
Forster Michael
Prof. Master of Science BA, Dipl. Betriebsökonom FH, Gemeindevorstand in Felsberg
Deuber Andreas
Prof. (FH), Dr. iur. HSG, MRICS
Jansky Ines
Prof., Diplom-Philologin
Auer Christian
Prof., dipl. Architekt HTL SIA, Designer SDA
Zai Mirjam
Personalfachfrau mit eidg. FA
Lifa Imad
Prof. Dr. Ing. TU/SIA, MBA
Hörburger Norbert
Prof. Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH), MBA in Finanzdienstleistungen, MRICS
Simeon Flurina
MAS Communication Management
Wittmer Andreas
Dr. oec. HSG, MScFIB, BScB
Voll Frieder
Dr.rer.nat; M.A. Geography and Economics
Mosedale Jan
Prof. PhD, M. Research Methods, M. Environmental Studies, BSc (Hon) Applied Biology
Thomet Orlando
Master of Arts UZH/lic. phil.
Somerville Livia
Master of Science in Natural Resource Science
Burk Walter
Master of Education M.Ed. in Organisationsentwicklung, dipl. Schulleiter, eidg. dipl. Berufsschullehrer EHB, eidg. dipl. Turn- und Sportlehrer ETHZ
Gressbach Christian
BSc in Tourism, MBA in Sportmanagement
Jacobson Christopher
Master of Science FHO in Business Administration mit Vertiefung in New Business
Michel Irene
M.A.S. Online Marketing Management
Bügler Tanja
MSc in Natural Resource Science; BSc in Tourism
Heinz Daniela
Personalfachfrau mit eidg. FA
Alt Sharon
MSc BA Major Information- & Datamanagement, BSc Information Science
Dolf-Metzler Sara
MA Management and Economics / lic. oec. publ.
Capol Corsin
Prof. MSc Business Administration, BSc Computer Science
Merbold Hannes
Prof. Dr. phil.-nat, Dipl. Physiker
Pérez Plácido
dipl. Bauingenieur HTL STV SWB
Albertin Robert
dipl. Architekt, SIA / FH / SWB / FSU
Trepp Gian-Reto
MSc FHGR in Business Administration with major in Tourism
Knaus Dominik
MSc BA in Strategic Management; BSc in Tourism
Hodel Thomas
Prof. Dr.rer. inf., lic. theol.
Birk Udo
Prof. Dr. habil.
Bumann Frank
Lic.oec.HSG und CEMS-MIM Master
Mareischen Pascale
Personalfachfrau mit eidg. FA