Student projects
At a glance

At a glance

Students deal with issues from the world of practice in clearly defined areas. Student projects offer business partners as well as public and non-profit organisations a cost-efficient and simple means to gain initial experience with new technologies or have specific issues investigated. During the project elaboration stage, an emphasis is placed on ensuring a practical orientation. As part of this work, specific implementation proposals should be prepared, with knowledge being transferred from the realm of theory to practice.

Benefit from the fresh ideas and knowledge of our students and bring cutting-edge specialist and methodological knowledge from University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons directly into your organisation. In your role as project principal, you contribute to ensuring motivating, practice-relevant training at university level!


  • Focus on practical orientation
  • Specific implementation proposals should be developed
  • Knowledge should be transferred from the realm of theory to practice
  • Cost-efficient and simple means for companies and organisations to gain initial experience with new technologies or have specific issues investigated.
Next steps

Next steps

  1. Describe your topic/problem in a few sentences and submit it to us.
  2. We will check your topic suggestion for eligibility.
  3. You will be notified immediately if your topic has been selected by students.
  4. Provide the necessary business-related information to the students and be available for a kickoff meeting, briefing and final presentation.

A confidentiality declaration can be prepared at your request. The projects are usually free of charge.



Is it your responsibility to roll-out new services and create efficient processes within the company? To contribute fresh ideas based on current market developments? In the study projects, our tourism students show that they are able to understand and analyse a complex topic from the field of tourism, and to work out solutions according to academic methods.

As a client from the tourism, hospitality and leisure sector, you can select projects from the following study programmes:


Research project leader