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Alpine Health Tourism (HEALPS)
Project at a glance

Project at a glance

Outdoor recreation in a natural environment is becoming an important aspect of healthy living and a remedy against the deficiencies of urban life. With its exceptional nature, cultural heritage, healthy climate and long tourism tradition, the Alpine region possesses significant prerequisites to benefit from this trend. However, to date there is no awareness of the unique health-promoting potential of the Alpine region. The major reasons for this lack of awareness are insufficient visibility and knowledge about the health-promoting Alpine assets.

In contrast to the current, fragmented approaches towards the promotion of Alpine assets, the HEALPS project aims to develop a common basis for positioning the Alpine region as an attractive health-promoting place through data compilation, generation and visualisation of unique Alpine assets related to health.

The project incorporates four different perspectives: Alpine resources, customers and providers as major stakeholders, education and technology.

The following person also works on the project:

  • Nina Rupp (Master Student)
Additional information

Additional information

Parties involved

The project is implemented by the Institute for Tourism and Leisure (ITF), in cooperation with Centre for Business Administration (ZBW), Innovations- und Technologietransfer Salzburg GmbH and Fondazione Cluster regionale lombardo delle Tecnologie per gli Ambienti di Vita, on behalf of the European Union.