Integrity Risk Monitor (IRM)
Project at a glance

Project at a glance

Risks jeopardising the integrity of an organisation are widespread. This is also true in Switzerland. Such risks comprise illegal and unethical behaviour such as cybercrime, corruption, fraud and money laundering, and cause great financial damage to Swiss companies.

In order to act with integrity, companies must monitor the state of and changes to the legal and ethical framework conditions applicable to their business activities. Although many companies take on a reactive approach by focusing on combating integrity risks once they have materialised, the literature considers a proactive approach – i.e. to minimise the prospect and damages of an incident before it occurs – as superior and cheaper.

Therefore, the planned Integrity Risk Monitor (IRM) will address these issues by adapting methods and techniques from the field of automated natural language processing to the domain of integrity research.

The purpose of the Integrity Risk Monitor (IRM) is

  • to provide a real-time monitoring tool to researchers that supports them in identifying and tracking integrity events and debates
  • to provide researchers with means to use these data on past events, to develop models that are suited to explain these events and to predict future gaps in integrity risk monitoring
  • to raise awareness of companies by publishing the first IRM report that summarizes the results of these studies.
Additional information

Additional information