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Innovative Storytelling Formats and Work Processes


How can multi, cross and trans-media storytelling content be implemented in an innovative manner by the media, companies and political players and how do the work processes involved in content production need to be adjusted to the requirements of a convergent media world?

Media convergence allows media firms, companies, associations and political players to reach their target groups with multimedia contents and communicate with them on a cross-media (via various media channels) or even a trans-media (single stories told across multiple channels) basis. These new opportunities are placing considerable requirements on communication: it is important to develop innovative forms of storytelling, utilise them across various media channels on a cross or trans-media basis and produce them in a targeted manner using new technical systems. This requires a change to the traditional work processes applied in journalism and corporate communication.

The research team therefore supports (media) companies and political players with

  • the development of new multimedia storytelling forms,
  • the dissemination of these multimedia forms via various media channels on a cross and trans-media basis and
  • the development and testing of new work processes, incorporating the relevant technical systems, in the institution’s own ‘digezz 2.0’ Media Lab for development partners.


There are various forms of cooperation:

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