Handling the risks of corruption successfully
Project at a glance

Project at a glance

As part of the project, the challenges that Swiss companies operating abroad are confronted with concerning corruption were analysed. The project had the following goals:

  • Identification of a company’s existing external and internal drivers and structural factors, e.g., of SMEs with a high - or low risk of exposure to corruption.
  • Evaluation of existing solution proposals to prevent corruption on the corporate level
  • Development of new instruments and strategies for corruption-prevention for SMEs
  • Development and implementation of guidelines for internationally operating Swiss SMEs and promoting these through events and publications

More than 500 Swiss companies were surveyed to inquire about their experience with corruption on an international level. The results show that numerous Swiss companies see themselves confronted with corrupt behavior in their international business activities. Furthermore, new and innovative instruments are needed to prevent and combat corruption successfully while doing business internationally.

The analysis focused on the question of the extent to which company-specific factors (e.g. company size, age, culture, industry, markets) and risks (e.g. from/via agents, third parties) have an influence on the above-mentioned issues.



Research project leader, Lecturer

The following former employee of University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons also worked on the project:

  • Katharina Becker
Additional information

Additional information


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Parties involved

The project has been implemented by the Swiss Institute for Entrepeneurship (SIFE), in cooperation with PRME Business Integrity Action Center, the Centre for Economic Policy Research (ZWF), Credit Suisse AG and Switzerland Global Enterprise.