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Creative Media and Digital Innovation International Exchange Program
Creative Media and Digital Innovation

Creative Media and Digital Innovation

Creative Media & Digital Innovation Exchange Program

In the autumn semester, the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons offers a 30 ECTS English-taught programme for exchange students “Creative Media and Digital Innovation”. Incoming students will be able to benefit from a unique study programme combining courses from the fields of Multimedia Production and Digital Business Management.



Sketch & Write

In this module students will practice different types of creative writing and at the same time they will learn the basics of sketching. Both techniques will help them to sharpen their view of the world around them, to look at things from different perspectives and finally also to improve their communication skills.

Convergent Production

In this module, students create and individually publish a multimedia product that includes an experimental element. They are free to choose any topic, form, and technology. Depending on their chosen product, they may work as reporters, researchers, photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, or presenters. During coaching sessions, they can receive support and feedback on the conception and realization of their product.

Digital Storytelling

Storytelling reaches back to the beginnings of human history and has ever-limitless potential for reinvention in the present, especially when combined with the forms, tools and techniques of our digital era. In this module, we will explore the creative possibilities of your own narrative ideas combined with multiple media. Concept development, audio recording and editing, sound design, photo shooting, photo editing, video production and video postproduction will all be put to use. You'll get to understand these media forms not only in a technical way, but also in their conceptual and historical context as well. In order to tell stories, you'll learn and use software within the Adobe Creative Cloud group of applications, such as Audition, Photoshop, Premiere and more.

International and Intercultural Communication

Successful communication begins with understanding ourselves. Culture is fundamental to the way we orient ourselves in the world and helps provide a common world view from which we communicate. Understanding what we hold in common and where we have to stretch ourselves is the key to successful exchange as the world continues to move closer together. 

Thanks to new technologies, everyone from the international business leader to even the local craftsperson is working and living more globally. This contact may eventually help us to communicate and understand each other better, but meanwhile exposes our cultural blind spots.  This module will help us develop a more subtle awareness of our own cultural and mental constructs and improve our communication with others as the world becomes more and more interconnected.

First Contact with AI

The module is aimed at students who want to familiarize themselves with the topic of AI. It provides an introduction to accessible technologies and software and enables creative, practical experimentation with various AI tools. No prior technical knowledge or programming skills are required. Approximately two-thirds of the minor-programme is dedicated to introductions and exercises. The rest of the time participants have the opportunity for practical experiments. They will be individually supervised.

Digital Transformation and Disruption

Technological advances and ubiquitous network connections, combined with entrepreneurial ingenuity, are turning one industry after another upside down. The COVID-19 pandemic has accentuated and accelerated these developments as an "external shock". Thus, we can experience the effects of "digital transformation and disruption" almost daily. But what does that mean exactly? How can companies deal or even benefit from it and integrate it into their strategic work? In the elective module "Digital Transformation & Disruption", we take a closer look.

First, we will work on the theoretical groundwork. Equipped with the right frameworks and tools, we will visit companies and learn more about their digitalisation efforts. On this basis, we will create a consulting presentation to advise the visited companies about their development potential and opportunities regarding digital transformation and disruption. The results will be presented to the companies.

Product Management for Digital Business

There are different approaches to build a product. One important piece that all approaches have in common is that if you want to get to product success, you need a product strategy: A guide that helps you make product decisions to achieve the long-term product vision.

Why is this? Because you need to be able to decide on a path to pursue in the data-jungle if you want to be competitive in the market and attract customers. The product strategy you set determines the product roadmap that guides the product team on the execution of the strategy.

In this class, you'll learn what a product strategy is, how to create one that is in line with the product vision, and how to execute on the strategy with a compelling product roadmap. We'll round the class up by the basics of what Product Management is, what a digital Product Manager does in their daily life, and how this depends on the company structure.

The class will be partially theoretical, partially practical. Based on a real and current example, you’ll create a product strategy in small groups and build a roadmap that demonstrates how you want to execute on your product strategy. The module will end with pitches to present the product strategy and roadmap that you will have developed in your group, and with a comprehensive deep dive documentation of your results.
Please note that this is an intense, project based module which requires you to work in teams and self-organize your project work load.

Living in Chur

Living in Chur

Apart from a unique study programme in a professional, modern environment, a stay at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons offers students the opportunity to live in a stunning region with over 1,000 mountains, 150 valleys and 615 lakes. Only a couple of minutes from the campus is Brambrüesch mountain, an ideal area for hiking, biking and skiing. There are regular buses and trains between Chur and the manifold mountain areas of the Grisons, which are loved by tourists from around the world. Chur has numerous museums, restaurants and cafés as well as plenty of bars to meet up with friends and enjoy the lively city's exciting nightlife. Furthermore, Switzerland’s location in the heart of Europe makes it an ideal base for city trips to Zurich, Munich, Milan or Paris.

Application and advice

Application and advice

Do you have any questions about the study programme? Would you like any advice, or are you still unsure? Do you have any administrative questions? We will be happy to help you.


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