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  • Gander, Monika (2014): Developing a Customer Relationship Concept for the Welcome Hotels. General considerations and special focus on corporate clients and other repeaters. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Over the last years, the behaviour, expectations and needs of travellers have been changing fundamentally. Tourists seek unique, personal and cultural experiences in a socially responsible environment rather than just visit famous tourism places. The internet and social media also play a much more important role for the decision making process of travellers. The Welcome Hotels as a Swiss business hotel chain have to deal with those developments. For knowing the needs and preferences of their guests and adapting the service performance to them, the aim of this thesis is to analyse the gaps between the performance of the Welcome Hotels and the trends and expectations of today. To fill those gaps, a customer relationship concept has been developed as a systematic approach for creating and maintaining valuable relationships with business and leisure guests, broadening the customer base and gaining more satisfied, loyal and returning customers for the Welcome Hotel chain.

  • Gantenbein, Mario (2016): Selling Points of Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Distribution is seen as one of the most important dimensions for the competitiveness and profitability of touristic companies, but different developments lead to massive structural changes within the tourism distribution system. As the LBB raises the claim to offer high service quality to their guests, this thesis will elaborate whether the current service offer in terms of ski ticket distribution is still state of the art and meets their guest’s expectations or not. The goal is to come up with new findings and insights gained directly from the guest to be able to give recommendations on how the LBB should structure their ski ticket distribution network in future to deliver highest service quality to the guests. In order to assess the guest’s needs toward ski ticket distribution, it has been decided to collect primary data by an administered face-to-face survey directly in the ski resort Arosa-Lenzerheide with the use of a fully standardised questionnaire.

  • Gantner, Nadine (2014): Book Now!. Optimizing Website Sales in the Tourism Industry, the Case of Hotel Castell, Zuoz. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Among the many things we nowadays carry out online is also the planning and booking of vacations. Online booking in the tourism industry has therefore become a considerable trend in the last few years. However, along with this enormous growth also came huge pressure on hotels. Especially online travel agencies are constantly affecting hotel margins by charging commissions of up to 15% for every room booked over their website. In this context, this thesis is settled. Hotels need to optimize their websites in order to adapt to the changed booking behaviour of consumers, as well as to compete with online travel agencies. Working with the case of Hotel Castell in Zuoz, this paper therefore aims at finding the main problems on their website, as well as at recommending measures in order to optimize it and to increase sales over their website. The methods applied were a usability testing with an integrated eye-tracking test, as well as a subsequent interview. Inputs from the literature and the feedback from the testings then lead to the formulation of the main recommendations for Hotel Castell.

  • Garbauer, Miriam (2015): Identification of Attributes on How to Emotionally Capture the Generation Y with Touristic Photography. Development of a criteria catalogue for the effective production of touristic images. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Keystone AG is the most comprehensive provider of visual content in Switzerland. The main task of the company is to provide pictures for different sources like journals and newspapers. Like every company, Keystone has to deal with different target groups and likewise has to find ways, on how to reach them. One of the main target groups at the moment which want to be addressed is the Generation Y (age-range 1985-2005). Pursuant to this bachelor thesis an intricate study about the inner constituents that a picture needs to emotionally capture the Generation Y is provided. Several expert interviews were conducted as a fundamental basis construct. Furthermore, an online questionnaire was conducted with members of the Generation Y to gain intelligence for answering the research questions. In the end, a criteria catalogue was provided with recommendations originating from the practice as well as from the questionnaire. The criteria catalogue can be used as a guideline for trying to address the Generation Y with the pictorial world from Keystone as well as from other touristic players. Finally, yet importantly, this criteria catalogue is compared with two different Tyrolean (AU) destinations in order to verify if the mythos of ‘everything is better in Austria’ can be attested to legitimize.

  • Garbin, Alina (2018): Event Konzept Genusstour Spezialisierungs- und Weiterentwicklungsmöglichkeiten von existierenden Genusstouren. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: t'nt events organisiert seit 2010 verschiedene Genusstouren in Schweizer Städten. Eine Genusstour ist im Grundsatz ein Nachtessen in einer Gruppe in verschiedenen Restaurants. Dieses Angebot wird von Firmen für Mitarbeiter und Kunden genutzt. Pro Jahr werden ca. 50 Touren realisiert. Diese Bachelor Arbeit untersucht wie die Genusstouren weiterentwickelt werden können, um sie auch für Privatpersonen und Touristen anzubieten. Hierfür wurde eine Analyse der bestehenden Genusstouren getätigt. Des Weiteren wurden ähnliche Produkte im In- und Ausland verglichen. Nebst der Literatur Recherche fanden Online-Befragungen und Experten-Interviews statt, um die Bedürfnisse der Zielgruppe besser einschätzen zu können. Mithilfe der Event-DNS wurde dann ein neues Format für die Genusstouren entwickelt. Anhand der Ergebnisse der Analyse wurden Empfehlung für t'nt events formuliert, wie die Genusstouren ausgebaut und spezialisiert werden können.

  • Garrafa, Michela (2007): Staging Wine Experiences. How to Develop Wine Tourism in Grisons. Diplomarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: As Grisons depends on the tourism industry, it would be a good opportunity to offer an additional tourist service which is strongly related to the region. Wine tourism would suit the region because it is in line with the image of a mountain canton because it is original and authentic. There is no final definition to what wine tourism involves and who the wine tourist is. The general tourism trends are also valid for wine tourism. The value shift goes towards an individual leisure time orientation, self-realisation, materialistic goals and sociability. The future wine tourist has experience in travelling and is looking for educative and also experiential components. To reach a broad public and to create positive experiences, the four realms of experiences have to be taken into account when staging wine tourism. There are several ways how to stage an experience. But the most important point is to consider the supply side as well as the demand side when planning a staging. Therefore, customer surveys as well as expert interviews were made for this thesis. The results get compared with each other in order to find commonalities. The closing word is going to conclude the entire thesis.

  • Gasser, Rahel (2010): The Development of the Emmental as a destination from the perspective of the BLS AG. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Today, rural areas are suffering from various problems, such as insufficient infrastructure and migration of the younger generation to the towns. For some of these areas, the manifold forms of rural tourism could be a solution. However, it is not a panacea and not suitable for all nonurban regions. The Emmental, a rural region in the canton of Berne, was analysed in detail and found to be suitable for rural tourism. However, beautiful scenery is not enough to attract tourists. Furthermore, the number of passsengers transported by the railway company BLS AG in this region needs to be increased in order for it to become sustainable. This Bachelor thesis gives an overview of the region by investigating its strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities it has to offer and the threats which tourism could pose. Further, a social network analysis with various tourism stakeholders from the region gives detailed information about how they are interlinked. Moreover, this work illustrates the relationship between the tourism stakeholders and the BLS AG as well as the perception of the transport company in the region. Out of these findings, some new products for the railway company have been created, which aim at making the Emmental area more attractive for visitors.

  • Gassner, Stephanie (2014): Arab and Russian Guests in the Swiss Luxury Hotel Industry. An analysis of cultural behaviour patterns, guest’s expectations and trends for the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in order to provide cultural-based services. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: In Switzerland, the number of arrivals from the Gulf States and from Russia has steadily grown over the last few years, and so has the number of overnight stays in Swiss hotels. Hence, especially a luxury hotel is well advised to adapt to the cultural characteristics of these high-spending guests and to train its employees in terms of cultural awareness. This thesis analyses the cultural behaviour patterns of Arab and Russian guests, what expectations they have towards a Swiss luxury hotel and possible trends. For this purpose, literature is consulted and supplemented with desktop research. Moreover, an employee survey is conducted to evaluate the current cultural knowledge, while expert interviews serve to draw expectations and trends. A newly structured cultural training helps the employees to acquire and maintain cultural knowledge and skills. Further recommendations are made to provide cultural-based services in order to meet the guest’s expectations and to adapt quickly to trends.

  • Geiger, Lars (2019): The Airport as a Central Destination Decision Criterion for Tourists. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: An airport usually is one of the first touchpoints for travelers with a tourism destination. Since there is no second chance for a first impression, it is vital to know if and how an airport influences a certain destination and represents its image. Since global air transport demand is increasing, the competition between airports has risen simultaneously. The increasing number of airports available for travelers has opened a new competitive market. It has thus become crucial for airports to represent their destination in order to attract new guests and bring former guests back again. The aim of this Individual Bachelor Thesis (IBT) is to investigate how opinions of tourists are affected by a destination’s airport. Therefore, the airport choice preferences of tourists in multi-airport regions are researched and analysed. The methodological approach of this IBT involves an online survey with air travelers from all over the world.

  • Geiger, Raphael (2011): Possibilities of enhancing a destination brand by using social media. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: The development of Web 2.0 and social media brought up new possibilities to destination marketing and branding. Even tough, there is a high potential for the tourism industry, few destinations are using social media. The destination St. Gallen-Bodensee is aiming at implementing social media focused on leisure tourism. Therefore the purpose of this thesis to draw up recommendations on how the destination St. Gallen-Bodensee should use social media. This thesis consists of three main parts. At first, a thorough literature review gives insights into the main topics of destination management, branding and social media marketing. Secondly, in the empirical part, best practice examples of Swiss destinations using social media were selected and analysed. Furthermore, expert interviews were conducted in six best practice destinations as well as with a social media expert. Finally, this paper combines theoretical knowledge with practical implications in order to generate recommendations for St. Gallen-Bodensee Tourismus.

  • Geissbühler, Urs (2010): An analysis of visitor expectations and perceptions of the Tropic House Frutigen. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: The Tropic House Frutigen opened for business in November 2009. The operators have certain expectations and perceptions. However, the expectations and perceptions of visitors and the positive impact on the region of Frutigen, Adelboden and Kandersteg generated by these visitors, have yet to be analysed. The main focus of this work is to investigate the expectations and the perceptions of the visitors to The Tropic House and to find out where they correspond with and where they differentiate from those of the operators. This Bachelor thesis consists of an introductory part, a theoretical chapter and a main part, examining the results of a survey conducted using two questionnaires. One questionnaire was distributed to the visitors before their visit in order to collect expectation data. The second one was collected after the visit in order to gather data about their perception, together with information in relation to their expenses outside The Tropic House in order to calculate the added value to the region. The main target of this work is to propose suggestions to close the gaps identified between the expectations and perceptions of the visitors, which in turn will improve what the Tropic House Frutigen has to offer.

  • Gensetter, Kaja (2013): A Feasibility Study for the CineRail Event. Financial and technical solutions. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: The concept for the event CineRail is based on a combination between open-air cinema and railways – a completely new and innovative idea with no track records. Therefore, the focus of this study was to establish an event-budget with possible solutions for technological challenges in connection with railway systems and open-air cinema technology. This bachelor thesis provides a starting point in the form of event concepts within the required fields, enabling the further realization of this event. Additionally, since the event venue might be located in a touristic region, the proposed location has been analyzed from a destination management perspective. Tourism destinations continuously have to develop their image through marketing and product development and events have become an essential tool for this purpose.

  • Gerber, Alexandra (2016): Food Waste Management in the Airline Industry. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: The growing passenger numbers lead to challenges concerning food waste management. Since Gate Gourmet Zurich produces around 50’000 meals per day, measures need to be taken in order to reduce food waste. Gate Gourmet is the biggest airline-catering kitchen in Switzerland and is influenced by legislation on national and international level. It is also affected by various contracts and the decision power of the airline companies which makes the handling of food waste very complex. The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to assess the food waste at Gate Gourmet Zurich and to determine where it is being generated and why, as well as to determine the external factors which contribute to the problem. In addition, this thesis will clarify the potential for food waste reduction measures and elaborates where there is still room for improvement. The two approaches used in the thesis, namely a literature review and expert interviews were used as a basis.

  • Gerber, Andreas (2010): How can SWISS increase Customer Value of Budget Leisure Travellers?. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: The market entrance of low cost carriers has led to deregulation in the airline industry. Air fares have decreased and more people can now afford to fly. in particular, the industry registers an increase of price-sensitive passengers, so-called Budget Leisure Travellers. Therefore, a profound understanding of this customer segment is essential for full service carriers. This Bachelor thesis highlights travel and buying behaviour of the Low Budget Traveller and investigates service propositions that create additional value for this price-sensitive customer segment. What is more, it assesses the willingness to pay for selected service elements and analyses the findings together with experts from different organisational units of Swiss International Air Lines. Although various literature about segmentation approaches of Low cost and full service carriers exists, little research has been done on Low Budget Travellers. The main objective of this work is to fill this gap. The literature review is supplemented by a passenger survey with 275 SWISS and 105 low cost carrier passengers, a case study and expert interviews. Finally, recommendations for SWISS are deduced from the findings.

  • Gerber, Lisa-Maria (2012): Development of attractive Product Packages for Summer Tourism in Klosters. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Alpine tourism originally developed in the summer season. And after destinations have been focusing mainly on winter tourism in the recent past, summer gains again on importance. This thesis is concerned with the summer Tourism in Klosters and supported by various interviews with experts and main stakeholders of Klosters tourism. After a retrospective view on the history of Klosters, the current situation is analysed. Customer target segmentation for the summer tourism in Klosters is conducted according to Sinus Milieus. For promising target segments two packages are conceptualized, including a bundle of existing products, which constitute to the entire tourism experience to meet the customer’s needs and wants. Therefore, the integrated service chain has been used as a main tool. To further support the experience economy in tourism, the staging model has been applied as well. The concepts of both packages feature all relevant factors of the extended marketing mix. At the end of the thesis the reader finds a variety of recommendations to further exploit the existing potential for Klosters during the summer season.

  • Gerig, Lukas (2018): Evaluation of a dynamic pricing system for EV Zug Suggestion for the implementation of a new pricing strategy for a hockey club in Switzerland. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Over the past several years, ticket pricing in various industries has developed from a cost-based towards a demand-based approach. The so-called yield management was developed by the American Airlines. Since several years dynamic ticket pricing, where prices fluctuate dependent on several factors, is implemented by sport clubs more and more. This Bachelor Thesis provides an overview of different pricing approaches used in the sports industry. Furthermore, it describes the possibility of implementing dynamic pricing in case of the EVZ. The development of a possible dynamic pricing framework is based on the analysed studies about dynamic pricing and the conducted fan survey as well as expert interviews. Based on expert interviews, the experience and expectations towards dynamic pricing are assessed. The fan survey serves as a basis to evaluate factors which determine the spectators' willingness to purchase a ticket and to consider their attitude towards such a pricing system.

  • Germann, Céline (2014): Development of a marketing and sales consultancy for the hospitality industry. Analysis of the client’s requirements, the market environment and creation of a business model. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: The hotel market in Switzerland is characterized by strong competition. Individual hotels need a good marketing and sales strategy in order to compete in the market. Professional support through external consulting might be the key to success in today’s complex market environment of the hospitality industry. The aim of this bachelor thesis is therefore to develop a business model for a marketing and sales hotel consultancy. The former hotel director Ms. Nicoletta Müller will start this business in autumn of the year 2014. In a first step, a literature review is carried out as a basis, followed by a needs analysis with different hotels about their requirements for marketing and sales assistance. Furthermore, the market environment for the planned consultancy is assessed by means of expert interviews. On the basis of the literature review as well as these analyses, the business model for this consultancy is developed and described. Thereby, the Business Model Canvas is applied, which is a tool for developing a business model. Finally, recommendations for Ms. Müller are derived from the findings.

  • Gerster, Tanja (2013): Opening of a new Holiday Inn Express in Affoltern am Albis. An evaluation of the franchise concept and recommendations of how to successfully position the hotel in the market through cross-marketing. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Europe’s hotel market is characterized by small- and medium-sized independent hotels. When hoteliers affront themselves with the decision of operating their hotel under a franchise agreement or on an individual basis, several important aspects need to be considered. This bachelor thesis highlights the different reasons that influence this decision and further investigates the choice of an appropriate franchise affiliation in the specific case of the new Holiday Inn Express in Affoltern am Albis. Besides creating clearer differentiation through brand power, strategic cooperation can be formulated in order to compete successfully with competitors. In particular, the concept of cross-marketing and the specific premises that need to be fulfilled in order to achieve a win-win situation will be discussed. Finally, valuable recommendation shall be given on how cross-marketing may be implemented in order to contribute to the successful market positioning of the Holiday Inn Express after its opening in October 2013.

  • Gessler, Monika (2010): The development of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concept with reference to Kids Cross 2010. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: In recent years, sport, as a substantial element of our global every day culture, has increased greatly in significance within most societies. Its simplicity, emotional and global characteristics are thought to play an important role in developing personal and social competences. Considering present social challenges, the following question gains importance: How can sport unfold the full potential of the individual and society? The first goal is to find the answers in the one-day event called KidsX in Heiden. The second is to find criteria which have sustainable effects on a social, economic and environmental level. The third will be to explain the differences between CSR, Sustainable Event Management and Charity. To identify relevant criteria, a literature review will be made and qualitative research using expert interviews will be done. Besides the theoretical parts and an analysis of the existing KidsX concept, the author will give recommendations for future KidsX events. Finally, a new CSR model for KidsX will be developed.

  • Gfeller, Melanie (2013): Was unternehmen relevante Partner von Bern Tourismus bezüglich Nachhaltigkeit?. Eine IST-Analyse. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Die Nachhaltige Entwicklung wird für Unternehmen im Tourismus immer mehr zu einem Wettbewerbs- und Qualitätsfaktor. Trotzdem fehlt in vielen Unternehmen noch immer eine strukturierte Nachhaltigkeits-Strategie. Diese Bachelor Thesis untersucht das Verständnis und den gegenwärtigen Stand der Bemühungen relevanter Partner von Bern Tourismus bezüglich Nachhaltigkeit sowie die Motivation für weitere Entwicklungen in diesem Bereich. Ziel ist es, Ansatzpunkte für Bern Tourismus zu generieren, welche in einem Event zur Sensibilisierung für Nachhaltigkeit aufgegriffen werden können. Die umfangreiche Literatur zur Nachhaltigkeit hat den theoretischen Rahmen definiert, um die ganzheitliche Theorie der Nachhaltigkeit zu erklären. Diese stellt einen wichtigen Teil bei der Sensibilisierung der Partner von Bern Tourismus dar. Zusammen mit den Resultaten aus den Experteninterviews wurden daraus Empfehlungen für Bern Tourismus abgeleitet.

  • Giovanoli, Corina M. (2007): Tourists as a promising Visitor Segment for Zoo Zurich. Diplomarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: The Zoo Zurich is a popular attraction for tourists. As the competition among leisure facilities increases, the Zoo Zurich aims to raise its competitive position. Therefore, they would like to adapt their products and services to the customer needs. However, they do not have any data about the visitors yet. Thence, a customer survey has to be conducted, including qualitative and quantitative criteria. The marketing department aims to know from where their visitors come, how they reach the Zoo and which languages they speak. Furthermore, they capture the opportunity to ask, what the tourists expect and if there is a cognitive dissonance. In a further step, all data generated will be gathered and evaluated. Based on the results and the given comments of the asked visitors, suggestions to improve are developed. Afterwards, the proposals will be transferred into a prioritisation matrix to define possible implementation difficulties. Finally, an action plan will be created to plan further strategic steps.

  • Girelli, Lorena (2013): Chur – The New Old Sport City – Practical Measures to enhance the Degree of Professionalism of Sports Clubs. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Nowadays, approximately one quarter of the Swiss population is affiliated by a voluntary membership in one of around 20’000 existing sports clubs. These impressive figures underline the great importance of sports clubs as the main provider of organised sport in Switzerland. However, as a result of the overall social development and perceivable modification in values, the society’s needs and expectations towards sports clubs have changed significantly in the past years. This fact leads to the emergence of various challenges sports clubs are confronted with. Hence, the aim is to conduct a current-state analysis about four traditional sports club in Chur, which have a considerable sport-political importance according to their membership figures. Derived from this broad data basis a catalogue of practical measures was established to enhance the degree of professionalism in club management. Furthermore, the thesis attempts to identify the critical focal points that could be eliminated by assistance of the local office for sports.

  • Gisler, Alessia (2022): Sporttouristische Analyse des Langlaufsports in der Ferienregion Andermatt. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Fachhochschule Graubünden, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: In der Ferienregion Andermatt besteht bereits ein solides Langlaufangebot, das grösstenteils Gäste aus dem Kanton Uri und den umliegenden Regionen anzieht. Aufgrund des Aufschwungs im Langlaufsport in den letzten Jahren ist es für die Ferienregion Andermatt von Bedeutung, die Ansprüche und Erwartungen ihrer Gäste zu kennen. Ziel dieser Thesis ist es, Optimierungsmöglichkeiten für das Langlaufangebot der Ferienregion Andermatt herauszuarbeiten, um daraus Handlungsempfehlungen abzuleiten. Das Langlaufangebot wird mithilfe einer Gäste-Umfrage in der Destination, einer Benchmark-Analyse mit verschiedenen Langlaufgebieten im In- und Ausland sowie einem Experteninterview mit der Dachorganisation der Loipengebiete «Loipen Schweiz» analysiert. Die Resultate der vorliegenden Bachelorthesis zeigen auf, dass die Verbesserungsmöglichkeiten im Langlaufbereich der Ferienregion Andermatt in der Erreichbarkeit, der Verpflegung, bei Packages und bei der Information liegen.

  • Giuffré, Valentina (2017): Untersuchung und Vorstellung Schnee unabhängiger Angebote für das Tourismusgebiet Sattel-Hochstuckli. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: In den letzten Jahren wurde der Klimawandel und die dadurch steigende Schneefallgrenze in der Schweiz immer mehr zum Thema. Viele Tourismusgebiete kämpfen mit dieser Entwicklung, so auch das Tagesausflugsgebiet Sattel-Hochstuckli. Zudem haben sich die Gästebedürfnisse verändert und die Erlebnisinszenierung rückt immer mehr in den Fokus. Aus diesem Grund hat diese Individuelle Bachelorthesis das Ziel, für die Sattel-Hochstuckli AG (SHAG) schnee-unabhängige Angebote zu untersuchen und vorzustellen, welche weiterhin eine erfolgreiche Wintersaison ermöglichen. Durch die Literatur Recherche, Experten-Interviews und den Vergleich von Angeboten anderer Tourismusgebieten werden Informationen und Inspirationen für eine mögliche Gestaltung schnee-unabhängiger Erlebnis-Angebote erfasst und diskutiert.

  • Glanzmann, Lea (2022): Baukultur in touristischen Bauten. Bloss Liebhaberei oder ein geeignetes Mittel zur Ertragssteigerung?. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Fachhochschule Graubünden, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Hohe Baukultur in einer alpinen Destination zu schaffen, ist nicht nur die Aufgabe von Architekten und Ortsplaner. Sowohl Destinationsorganisationen wie auch Hotelbetriebe tragen ihren Teil dazu bei und können letztlich davon profitieren. Diese Arbeit hat zum Ziel, die Wichtigkeit von Baukultur im Tourismus zu veranschaulichen. Es wird der Begriff Baukultur erläutert und zusätzlich werden klassische Stil- und Bauelemente, besonders der Chaletbau, vorgestellt. Das Davos Qualitätssystem für hohe Baukultur dient dabei als Grundlage. Zusätzlich wird auf verschiedene Positionierungen von Destinationen eingegangen und analysiert, welcher Mehrwert für die einzelbetrieblichen Hotels daraus resultieren kann. Ob Baukultur zu einem wirtschaftlichen Mehrwert von Hotels führen kann, wird auf Basis des RevPar von ausgewählten Hotels in Adelboden und Gstaad verglichen. Die Ergebnisse werden durch Inputs aus der Praxis ergänzt, die durch Interviews mit unterschiedlichen Berufspraktikern erhoben wurden.

  • Glarner, Anja (2015): Freiwilligenarbeit an Sportveranstaltungen. Potentialanalyse und Massnahmenkonzept für den Audi FIS Ski World Cup Adelboden. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Der Audi FIS Ski World Cup Adelboden beschäftigt sich schon seit seinen Anfängen mit Freiwilligenarbeit. Das ganze System der Beschäftigung von freiwillig Engagierten hat sich weiterentwickelt und ist nun an einem Punkt angelangt an dem es Zeit wird zu prüfen, ob das volle Potential bereits ausgeschöpft ist. Ein durch Experten ausgefülltes Reifegradmodell gibt Aufschluss über den aktuellen Stand des Freiwilligenmanagements. Ergänzend dazu wird das jetzt vorhandene Freiwilligenmanagement-Konzept mit einem aus der Theorie vorgeschlagenen Konzept verglichen. Zusätzlich wird mit Hilfe einer Online-Befragung eine sogenannte Zufriedenheitsbefragung bei den freiwillig Engagierten durchgeführt. In der Thesis findet auch eine SWOT-Analyse Anwendung, welche die Stärken, Schwächen, Chancen sowie Gefahren des Konzeptes identifiziert. Aus all den Vergleichen und mit der Unterstützung des theoretischen Bezugsrahmens lassen sich am Ende das Potential sowie daraus entstehende Umsetzungsmassnahmen ableiten.

  • Glatt, Selina (2011): The Key Success Factors of a Film Festival. The case of the Zurich Film Festival. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: In the past fifty years, the number of film festivals around the world has exploded. Organizers compete for visitors, filmmakers and starlets. Therefore, a profound outline of the key success factors of film festivals is needed. The Zurich Film Festival is a relatively young event and strives to establish itself within the tight competition. Hence, the aim of this bachelor thesis is to determine the key success factors of film festivals and apply them to the Zurich Film Festival. In order to guarantee its future success, it is important to derive sustainable strategies. Very little research has been done so far on the topic of strategic issues in relation to film festivals. Within this bachelor thesis, this gap will be covered. The literature review deals with the history of film festivals, event marketing and strategic management aspects. A benchmark study and expert interview serve as the basis for the development of the strategies for the Zurich Film festival.

  • Glattfelder, Daniela (2011): Green Events. Hype or long lasting demand?. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: The world is going green and the protection of the environment is becoming more and more important not only for private persons but also for companies. This development has now reached the event industry, where event organisers are confronted with an emerging customer demand for eco-friendly event policies. This thesis investigates the meaning of such environmentally friendly events and to find out if there is an increasing demand in Switzerland or if it is merely a hype. Therefore, the current situation is analysed in terms of availability of certificates for sustainable event practices and the benefits for the image of a company that stages green events. Furthermore, questions are raised whether such events are more costly than standard events and what their future importance will be for the event industry. To get a holistic view of the present meaning of sustainable events and the readiness to pay for them, expert interviews with event organisers and customers of HRG Switzerland have been conducted. These results are used to give recommendations on the future implementation of green events.

  • Gmünder, Leandra (2020): Changes in the event industry. Differences in customer expectations and needs of Generation Y & X at corporate events in the financial sector. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Fachhochschule Graubünden, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Corporate events are an essential part of a company’s communication with its customers. However, the saturation of the event market makes it challenging to attract relevant customers. By knowing what the customers want, companies can adjust their offer accordingly and create powerful customer experiences. This bachelor thesis examines customer expectations and needs of Generation X and Y at corporate events in the financial sector. It researches the possible differences between the two generations by applying the Kano method. Based on extensive literature research, two expert interviews and a Kano questionnaire, recommendations are given for innovative approaches to create customer satisfaction at corporate events for both generations.

  • Gmür, Carmen (2009): «Echt Ostschweiz». Elements of an innovative marketing strategy for the promotion of Ostschweiz tourism based on the philosophy of authenticity. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Authenticity has become a buzz word among tourism professionals. However, why only talking about it? Destination managers of Eastern Switzerland have decided on a product range which bases on the philosophy of authenticity: ‘Echt Ostschweiz’. The aim of this paper is to discuss the term ‘authenticity’ within theory and practice in order to give advice on the use of the claim in connection with tourism products. Accordingly, a list of products should be compiled and made bookable. Furthermore, suggestions on how to connect the product bundle with non motorized traffic should be made. The analytical part of this paper comprises a literature review, a competitor market analysis and a customer market analysis. The theoretical approach is aimed to give insight into the notion of authenticity and provide a definition. The competitor market analysis gives a short overview on existing ‘echt’-labels whereas the customer market analysis discusses different aspects of customer demand by means of desk research and an empirical study. Focus is laid on the German speaking competitor market and the Swiss customer market. This thesis raises new questions and challenges the usefulness of the term authenticity as a marketing claim.

  • Gmür, Eva (2011): Talent Fostering. From Mass Sports to High-Performance Sports in Swiss Youth Football (U18). Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: The aim of the youth development department of each football club is to identify those talents with the highest potential to achieve future top results. The decisive factors which may influence a talent can however only be determined retrospectively. The aim of this Bachelor thesis is for this reason to explore and critically evaluate similar and different factors in talents’ past career development which influenced these players on their way to high-performance football. The literature review analyses former studies concerning talent identification, selection and development whereby factors influencing elite athletes are revealed. Besides this review, players’ fact sheets, a pilot questionnaire and qualitative interviews with a number of U18 players, their coaches, and technical directors in charge of youth development, are analysed. Derived from this broad data base, factors influencing a successful transition from grass roots to youth high-performance football in Switzerland are outlined. This compilation of factors helps to understand the crucial common success factors, which in turn allows to take them into account in future talent fostering. This consequently helps to enhance the quality of talent development.

  • Godenzi, Alfredo (2011): Product Development in the Field of Event Planning and Management. Finding the next Adventure. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: The Adventurists is a UK based company offering different adventure events spanning across the globe. The company has been growing rapidly ever since its first adventure in 2004. One of the definitions of adventure is that the outcome of the undertaking is unknown. This means that The Adventurists have to be constantly on the outlook for new adventure ideas, as their old ones have the potential of not being perceived as adventures any longer by potential customers because so many participating teams have done it before. This and the fact that the company’s ambitious mission is to save the world by making it a less boring place and by trying to raise more and more money each year means that they are pursuing a growth strategy. This Bachelor thesis attempts to find The Adventurists’ next adventure by respecting the requirements given by the company. The challenges were that The Adventurists have not applied any specific tools or methods in the past to identify their target groups and their needs. There has never been a need for that as all of their products sold out, sometimes within minutes.

  • Gohar, Sundus (2014): A study into the ways of increasing popularity of Berne as a tourist destination amongst population in India. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: International tourism has turned into a multi-billion business, however its potential is far from being fully utilised. Tourism offers substantial benefits for destinations from financial perspective and benefits to tourists include better work-life balance and increasing level of cross-cultural awareness. This thesis attempts to research ways of attracting more tourists from India to Berne. This attempt is realised via finding about unique aspects of consumer behaviour in India’s tourism industry, identifying factors that impact the numbers of Indian tourists who visit Berne and determining barriers for people in India to visit Berne for tourism purposes. Various aspects of the topic of tourism has been already addressed by a numbers of authors, but the level of attractiveness of Berne as a tourism destination for tourists from India was not analysed up to date, therefore this research eliminates this gap in the literature. Questionnaire form of survey on Survey Monkey platform to be answered by sample group members in India is selected as the most appropriate primary data collection method for this research.

  • Gojkovic, Monika (2010): The Green Outdoor Consumer. Willingness to Consume Green Goods and to Cooperate in Recycling Outdoor Equipment. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Global changes are taking on ever bigger dimensions. In the seventies, a new lifestyle was initiated – The Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability. The people subscribing to this lifestyle care a lot about the ecologically friendly production of the products that they consume. The followers of this lifestyle have become one of many groups with considerable purchasing power. This means that industry needs to provide products and services in line with this trend; largely, this is already being done. Recycling comprises a large part of this Bachelor thesis, as the life cycle and the recyclability of a product has a strong impact on the environment. In outdoor industries, this green trend has been strongly pursued. This thesis focuses on polyester for outdoor jackets, which are already 100% recyclable. Some outdoor companies have already proposed a recycling program, but the offer is not used regularly by owners of discarded outdoor jackets. This was a matter for analysis through a survey with 185 participants. This thesis is about the reason for disuse and the willingness to participate in a recycling program, as well as the readiness to purchase recycled products from the perspective of the outdoor customer.

  • Golding, Philippa (2018): Connecting regional tourism offers with companies generating business tourism. A conceptual approach with a practical example of wine tourism in the Bündner Herrschaft. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Declining tourism in Graubünden means the operators must attract new markets and local markets should not be overlooked in this search. Nearby companies participate in tourism activities through normal business operations and corporate events. Attracting this market could provide regional tourism suppliers with additional, non-seasonal customers.Graubünden's Bündner Herrschaft is one of Switzerland's top wine producing regions. Despite the trends for regional products, authentic experiences, and food-based tourism, the potential of this destination is not being realised with existing offers and marketing. This bachelor thesis analyses the needs of 9 selected companies to generate a generic customer profile and makes recommendations for attracting this sector. The Value Proposition Canvas framework is used to compare the Customer Profile with the Value Map of Wine Tours Switzerland to identify product-market fits and gaps, where potential exists for connecting with this market.

  • Gomez Gonzalez, Nicol (2020): Development of a marketing and sales concept to attract more festival visitors. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Fachhochschule Graubünden, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: The tourism sector is a market-driven industry and it responds to specific needs of its participants. As festivals and events are an important section of tourism, its long-term success requires satisfying those needs as well as a stronger differentiation to attract visitors and a strategic positioning among themselves in the marketplace. Therefore, the aim of this thesis is to analyze and develop a Marketing and Sales plan for the Lakelive festival in Biel. This study incorporates an extensive literature review, a survey conducted to Swiss residents as well as data and insights of the Lakelive festival. In order to determine effective strategies and recommendations, an internal analysis of the firm was conducted as well as an external analysis of the festival and event market in Switzerland. Finally, some findings from the research methods are presented along with a detailed implementation of the Marketing and Sales strategies proposed.

  • Gomringer, Luisa (2020): Nachhaltigkeitsleistungsmessung im Eventmanagement für das Würth Haus Rorschach. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Fachhochschule Graubünden, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Veranstaltungen bringen ökologische, ökonomische sowie soziale Probleme mit sich. Durch die Implementierung eines nachhaltigen Eventmanagements kann dies vermindert werden. Das Würth Haus Rorschach möchte diesbezüglich mehr Verantwortung übernehmen, kann jedoch aufgrund einer fehlenden Nachhaltigkeitsleistungsmessung nicht einschätzen, in welchen Bereichen sie bereits nachhaltig handeln, wo noch wichtige Massnahmen eingeleitet werden müssen und welche Handlungsfelder von ihren Stakeholdern als besonders wichtig empfunden werden. Deshalb ist das Ziel dieser Bachelorarbeit eine, an das Würth Haus angepasste, Nachhaltigkeitsleistungsmessung im Eventmanagement aufzustellen, durchzuführen und zu bewerten. Dazu wurden, gemeinsam mit relevanten Stakeholdern, drei Handlungsfelder ausgewählt, die dann anhand von Checklisten analysiert und bewertet wurden. Die Ergebnisse und Empfehlungen stützen sich auf Onlinebefragungen von Stakeholdern, Experteninterviews sowie Literaturrecherche.

  • Gong, Yen-Tzu (2017): Potential and Benefits of Incorporating VR Travel Experience in Physical Therapies. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Reality technology has raised many discussions while various industries are aiming to maximize the potential of this technology within their fields, namely in tourism, medical, retail. What if we blur the boundaries between industries and focus on the synergies that it could bring? Physical disabled people often face lack of motivation when doing physical therapies, especially for kids, parents have to encourage their children to put in full-effort during therapy sessions. This bachelor thesis focus on incorporating VR travel experience to physical therapy in order to provide them experiences that they were not able to due to physical challenges and as well increases motivation for therapies. The statistics of both current physical disabled community and VR development were analyzed, followed with interviews and patient tryouts to have a different perspectives. All inputs are later on summarized and brought together under findings and further recommendations are given at the end.

  • Gong, Yuqing (Jemila) (2006): The Potential for Tourism Development in Hainan Island, China. Diplomarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Hainan’s international tourism as an industry is directly related to China’s economic reform and open policy to the outside world initiated in the late 1970s, and it has become one of the important foreign exchange earners, playing an increasingly significant role in the province’s economy. The development of Hainan’s Tourism Industry has improved the province’s investment environment, extended its opening-up to the outside world, and driven the development of the related industries. The paper represents the characteristics of Hainan Island as a destination, such as the geographical location, climate, culture, economy, infrastructure, typical products of the island, tourist resources and attractions, etc., and explains the main stages of its development and identifies the important changes in the past two decades. It analyzes the strengths and weakness of the destination, as well as the opportunities and challenges with which Hainan’s international tourism is confronted. And further suggests and choices of policies and strategies Hainan should undertake for its international tourism development in the new millennium.

  • Good, Moana (2022): Entwicklung eines Marketingkonzepts für die Eventhalle Hektor. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Fachhochschule Graubünden, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Hektor ist eine neue Eventlokalität im Herzen von St. Gallen mit der Vision, eine der beliebtesten und bekanntesten Eventhallen der Schweiz und ein fester Bestandteil der Ostschweizer Kultur-, Freizeit- und Businessszene zu werden. Die Eventhalle soll ein Treffpunkt für verschiedenste Menschen mit unterschiedlichsten Interessen sein. Für die Erreichung dieser Ziele enthält die vorliegende Bachelorarbeit ein Marketingkonzept für Hektor. Durch eine zielgerichtete Marketingstrategie kann sich Hektor zu einer schweizweit gut positionierten Eventlokalität entwickeln. Die Basis dieser Arbeit bietet die Literaturrecherche. Als primäre Forschungsmethode wird die qualitative Inhaltsanalyse von Experteninterviews angewendet. Die Experteninterviews werden mit Repräsentanten anderer innovativen Eventlokalitäten geführt.

  • Götz, Simona (2013): Reducing a Destination’s Flood of Information by Optimising Offline Communication Touchpoints. The case of Engadin Scuol Tourism. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Destination organisations face the challenge to provide service information in a positive picture that convinces potential guests. At the same time their job is to deliver accurate information that fulfil the information needs of decided guests, booked guests and the guests at the destination. Tourists consult divers information sources during their customer journey. In this paper the customer journey regarding a destinations› content is studied. The goal is to reduce the flood of information by optimising offline communication touchpoints in the destination Engadin Scuol Samnaun. The elimination of redundant print advertising products and the development of a more efficient offline-communication concept in unison with online communication channels is aimed. The results of this thesis are based on mostly qualitative research and provide concrete recommendations for Engadin Scuol Samnaun on how to improve their offline-communication concept.

  • Götz, Carmen (2018): Proposed Market Segmentation and Market Cultivation for the Lindt – Home of Chocolate. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Currently, Lindt & Sprüngli is constructing its world of experience “Lindt – Home of Chocolate” in Kilchberg which will be opened in 2020 and is expected to receive 350'000 visitors a year. In order to increase the effectiveness of Lindt – Home of Chocolate's marketing, appropriate market segments have to be identified and channels in order to reach these segments should be figured out. In line with this, the thesis aims to analyze the alteration of market segmentation in tourism and the role of different marketing channels to reach the segments. For the Lindt – Home of Chocolate, a proposition of five market segments is done and a marketing channel mix for each segment is provided. This proposition is mainly based on multiple expert interviews conducted among different touristic players. Furthermore, a customer journey of a visitor from the hub Zurich and corresponding customer touchpoints are examined with the goal of identifying essential customer touchpoints for Lindt & Sprüngli.

  • Götz, Livio (2011): Product development «Heidi». Product development for Heidiland’s new product line «Family and Heidi», using the brand «HEIDI». Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: «Heidi» is an international fame and a globally known brand which actually represents Switzerland. Many Swiss tourism organisations have already used the brand for its marketing activities; Heidiland Tourismus AG is one of them. The emerging DMO bases its entire marketing efforts on Heidi’s story and the values associated to it. Due to the fact that there are only a few touristic offers in the field of «Heidi» and these are mostly based on existing infrastructure, it is inevitable to create new products in order to establish the brand «Heidi» in the region. Therefore, this Bachelor thesis aims to develop a new product for Heidiland's product line «Family and Heidi», using the brand «Heidi». A literature review is supplemented by expert-, and guest-interviews. After analysing the present situation and the potential for new Heidi-products, a benchmarking analysis with national and international partners is conducted. The findings of these analyses shall assist the idea generation as well as the subsequent product development process. Finally, measures and recommendations for the further procedure are provided.

  • Grab, Natascha N. (2007): Mineral Water Brands and their Effect on Tourism in the Region. Diplomarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: The thesis covers the importance of water and its effects as a brand. Through analyzing two markets and the benefits water creates, provides insight into its potential and its trends. Through analyzing two mineral water markets, and two major mineral water brands, Evian and Valser, and researching the destinations from where it originates, the history of the water and the companies, and the connection between the brand and the destination, what was the level of visibility and benefits of the brand to the region as a tourist destination? In both cases of Evian and Valser practically no cooperation. The main goal of the thesis is to understand the potential Valser could have on Vals the destination and in which ways they could collaborate to create a win-win situation for both sides. A cooperation model, with a new collaborated strategy and some advertising campaigns were created. Many companies, which have the opportunity to collaborate, pay little attention to its potential. These brands could relatively easily, help develop a tourist destination and increase its image, popularity and sales through defining their heritage, or adding a «life story,» or making a personal connection to their consumers by allowing them to experience their origins.

  • Graf, Tatjana (2013): How to acquire a new guest segment. The case of the Parkhotel Gunten. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Designing marketing strategies and creating a marketing mix according to the respective product or service are some of the most essential issues an organization has to deal with. Addressing the right customers with the right instruments is crucial. For this reason, the Parkhotel Gunten is wondering whether and how new and younger guests can be reached. This bachelor thesis investigates how the desired customer group can be segmented and determines the segment which is most adequate for the Parkhotel. What is more, it deals with the different traditional marketing tools in order to find ways to reach the ideal additional guest segment. Since the trend of social media is constantly increasing, the thesis highlights the significance of social media marketing as well. The literature review is supplemented by a quantitative online survey and expert interviews, whose results were analyzed and discussed in order to delve deeper into the thesis’ subject. Finally, recommendations for the Parkhotel Gunten are deduced from the findings.

  • Graf, Selina (2019): Zukunftsformat für die Rheintalmesse. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Die Veranstaltungsbranche hat sich massiv verändert. Messen befinden sich aktuell aufgrund verschiedenen Trends und dem Wandel der Gesellschaft in der Transformation. Zudem stehen Messen vor zahlreichen Herausforderungen, wenn es darum geht, die aktuellen Bedürfnisse der Messebesucher zu erfüllen und sie dadurch für die Messe zu mobilisieren. Diese Bachelorarbeit analysiert die Trends und Bedürfnisse der Messebesucher in Bezug auf das Messewesen, die Side-Events und der Kommunikation. Darüber hinaus gibt diese Arbeit der Rheintalmesse RHEMA Empfehlungen, wie diese Bedürfnisse in einem zukünftigen Eventkonzept umgesetzt werden können. Die Empfehlungen basieren auf Literaturrecherchen und werden durch eine Umfrage an der RHEMA sowie Experteninterviews mit verschiedenen Messeleitungen sowie einem Experten in der Veranstaltungsbranche unterstützt.

  • Graf Strachwitz, Alexander (2007): Tourism Development and Environmental Programs on the Island of Mallorca. Diplomarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: In the last decades the destination Mallorca has faced many changes. The boom of the real estate market, the change from mass tourism model to a more sustainable tourism model, the change of the image of a cheap destination to visit, to the «Florida of Europe» and finally the declining number of tourist arrivals after the implementation of the Ecotax and the 11th September 2001. Mallorca is nowadays the most popular holiday destination for the Europeans and there are many different classes of tourists which come together in Mallorca. Those tourists come because of the diversity of the tourist product, with its beautiful untouched landscape of mountains and the sea. Environmental protection is important for the quality of life of the present and future generations. The challenge for the government of Mallorca consists of connecting environmental protection in such a way with sustainable economic growth that a lasting development is reached in the long run. Mallorca especially suffers from the damage which mass tourism has left over the last decades and there are many environmental programs which aim to protect, conserve and improve the environmental conditions to maintain the future of tourism in Mallorca.

  • Gräub, Matthias (2009): Summer in the mountains. Time for new offers. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: Alpine tourism experienced a decline in the last years and is facing several challenges in the future. Alpine areas have to adapt to such challenges, if they wish to remain successful. Especially summer tourism can be seen as an opportunity when facing the expected challenges in future. Services and offers can be copied easily, and therefore a personalized customer relationship is gaining in importance. As an example, the satisfaction of tourists at Schruns-Tschagguns and their unique active park will be measured. For this reason the 'flow concept' was taken into consideration. This bachelor thesis includes an introduction, a theoretical part and an analysis of the tourists in Schuns-Tschagguns. Although various literature about the flow phenomena exist, no research has been done so far in regard to a holiday destination and tourism. This led to the objective to find out if tourists experience a 'flow' while spending time in the active park tent. This 'flow' experience would then have an influence on the customer satisfaction. To sum up, this paper will deepen the knowledge of the tourists spending their holidays in Schruns-Tschagguns, in order be able to adapt the experience.

  • Gregori, Gian (2007): Dwell Time at Unique Airport Zurich. Diplomarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: In the future, airlines will concentrate their international flights in Europe to a few selected airports. Airports, which supply an adequate capacity and the best offers, will attract the airlines. Short transfer times, punctuality, attractive environment and low fees are essential. To stay competitive, airports need to be progressive and generate revenue, which is not directly connected to aviation. Therefore, airports are changing more and more towards becoming multifunctional centres – airport cities – with a wide range of products and services. However, to increase land- and airside non-aviation revenues, Unique has to understand the needs and wants of its customer segments. With appropriate and attractive products and services for flying and non-flying customers, dwell time could be lengthened. The dwell time is in correlation with the spending behaviour. It is the time in which customers can shop and consume. Other terms such as new technologies – e-tickets, e-check, etc. – and increased security requirements since 9/11 are influencing the dwell time as well. The target of this diploma thesis is to present ways in which to lengthen the dwell time and as a result to increase customer spending at the Zurich airport.

  • Gressbach, Christian (2008): Community project to support the romanic top cross-country athletes. Bachelorarbeit Tourismus. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Chur, Chur. Institut für Tourismus und Freizeit (ITF).

    Abstract: The project «Olimpia 2010» is based on an idea of Fadri Cazin who likes to support the crosscountry athlete Dario Cologna after his first sportive successes. At the end of the year 2007, Fadri Cazin established a collaboration between the most successful Romanic Swiss Ski cross-country athletes, Cologna, Livers as well as Perl and the Romanic culture and language institution Lia Rumantscha. The goal of the community project is an optimal support of the athletes, so they will have a chance to win a medal at the Olympic Winter Games 2010 in Vancouver. With the theoretical background of minority principles and the development of the cross-country sport, middle and long term possibilities for the project are presented. Most of the potentials refer to communication and sponsoring issues. On one hand it would be perfect for the athletes to find a regional sponsor with the help of the project respectively the Lia Rumantscha. On the other hand Lia Rumantscha likes to enhance its publicity due to the project respectively top results of the athletes. However, the most important goal of the project is to support the athletes in the personality development namely the individual responsibility and the career planning.