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  • 2020

  • Vogt, Andrea; Klepsch, Melina; Baetge, Ingmar; Seufert, Tina (2020): Learning From Multiple Representations. Prior Knowledge Moderates the Beneficial Effects of Signals and Abstract Graphics. In: Frontiers in Psychology 11. Online verfügbar unter, zuletzt geprüft am 19.03.2021


    Abstract: Multimedia learning research addresses the question of how to design instructional material effectively. Signaling and adding graphics are typical instructional means that might support constructing a mental model, particularly when learning abstract content from multiple representations. Although signals can help to select relevant aspects of the learning content, additional graphics could help to visualize mentally the subject matter. Learners' prior knowledge is an important factor for the effectiveness of both types of support: signals and added graphics. Therefore, we conducted an experimental study situated in a university course of computer science with N = 124 participants. In our 2 × 2 factorial design, we investigated the effects of signals and illustrating graphics on learning outcomes and their potential interplay. Based on our regression analysis, we revealed prior knowledge as a significant moderator. Although learners with low levels of prior knowledge can profit from all types of help but still gain rather weak learning outcomes, learners with medium levels of prior knowledge profit from the synergy of both helps. With higher levels of prior knowledge, signals were particularly hampering. To improve the understanding of these supportive or hampering effects, a more fine-grained analysis of these processes and motivational effects is necessary.

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  • 2014

  • Bock, Olaf; Baetge, Ingmar; Nicklisch, Andreas (2014): hroot: Hamburg Registration and Organization Online Tool. In: European Economic Review 71, S. 117-120. Online verfügbar unter, zuletzt geprüft am 26.11.2021


    Abstract: hroot (Hamburg Registration and Organization Online Tool) is a web-based software designed for managing participants of economic experiments. This package provides important features to assure a randomized invitation process based on a filtered, pre-specified subject pool, and a complete documentation of the selection procedure for potential participants of an experiment.

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