Capacity building «Good Governance & Compliance in Cross-Border Funding Management»
At a glance

At a glance

Good governance and compliance are essential and critical components of the international cooperation, financial assistance and investment that both developing and developed countries need to build robust, secure and prosperous societies. Thus, the management and professionals of organizations need to be familiar with good governance practices and the implementation of anti-corruption measures in the management of international funds.

The global scenario has led some countries, such as Ukraine, to receive international funds as part of the repair, recovery and reconstruction process that donor countries receive from taxpayers.
Good governance and compliance are critical to a country's development, as international data show that a state that lacks good governance and compliance (anti-corruption) cannot ensure favorable conditions for societies to pursue sustainable growth, even with abundant capital and natural resources.
Effective management requires prioritizing good governance and compliance (anti-corruption). Failure to do so can lead to the misappropriation of a country's natural and financial resources and jeopardize international support.

Corruption is a pervasive problem with negative consequences not only for the corrupt state at the national level, but also for other countries that support and deal with corrupt regimes at the international level. For this reason, the University of Applied Sciences Grisons is initiating an applied training program for capacity building of personnel in states that receive international funds, entitled «Good Governance & Compliance in Cross-Border Funding Management» at the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) level. The main objective of this program is capacity building based on the preparation of personnel inside and outside the countries receiving international funds.

The program «Good Governance & Compliance in Cross-Border Funding Management» focuses on preventing and detecting corruption in internationally funded projects. Through the capacity building, managers and specialists understand the basics of corruption issues, anti-corruption measures, mechanisms for building good governance, international frameworks and cross-border investment and aid financing. The capacity building also raises awareness of political corruption and its effects. Objective understanding and action are necessary to combat corruption effectively.

  • Abschluss

    Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)
  • Studiendauer

    6 months (12 ECTS)
  • Studienort

    Hybrid (offline in FHGR building in Zurich and/or online)
  • Studienbeginn

    September 2024 (tbc)
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    Noshadha Sam Mehr über Noshadha Sam
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